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If you’ve planted your Cole and other fall crops, depending on where you live, you still will need to be vigilant about pests, a little while longer.

Synthetic pesticides such as Sevin work wonders in protecting your cabbages and broccoli from cabbage worms and just about any pest, but if you’re trying to go organic, you can find a number of organic pest killers.

Many of the organics make use of natural ingredients like peppermint, garlic and rosemary oils as well as compounds from chrysanthemum flowers.

At home improvement stores and retailers, you can find products like Garden Safe Brand and EcoSMART, among others. Online, you can find numerous organic pesticides like Safer Brand.

If you want to make your own, visit this link at Mother Earth News, which features many excellent explanations and recipes for organic pesticides.

As always, when using any pesticide or herbicide, read and follow the instructions. If you’re still unsure, contact your local agricultural extension agent for help.

Going organic? Look for natural pesticides at garden centers

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