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January is a good time to order spring seed and transplants

With many seed companies sending out their 2010 catalogues, growers can begin planning their spring gardens and order seeds and transplants.

To prepare for the spring, determine which fruit and vegetable varieties worked well last year and order adequate amounts of seed.

Ordering now enables gardeners and small growers to begin planting with the first warm temperatures as well as raising seedlings in greenhouses or indoors in the mid-to-late winter.

Also, gardeners will find it best to order early since supplies and availability can be limited later in the season.

New gardeners may also find it helpful to order extra seeds just in case an unexpected late frost occurs or severe weather strikes, which could damage or destroy young plants in the spring. By having the extra seed on hand, replanting is possible and can be done quickly.

Most mail-order and Internet companies have specials at this time and provide a shipping schedule for each area.

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