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Save money using leftover egg cartons as plant starter trays

Gardeners interested in saving money on starter trays may want to try using leftover egg cartons.

Whether you buy eggs in Styrofoam* or paper cartons, the 12 slot cartons offer enough space to begin planting tomatoes, peppers or other plants.

Poking one or two small holes beneath each egg slot allows for drainage. Then, removing the egg carton lid and placing it beneath the carton serves to capture any drained water.

After the seeds have sprouted, about two or three weeks, gardeners transplant the small plants to larger peat pots or containers, depending on where they plan to grow their fruits or vegetables.

*If you find yourself collecting a Styrofoam cartons, you can reuse these since they don’t fall apart as easily.

In trying to be more protective of the environment, in the future, you can look for the cardboard or paper cartons, which work well, too, as starter trays.

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Gardeners will want to clean the egg cartons before adding potting soil and seeds.