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Fruits, vegetables need plenty of water - about an inch a week

Fruits and vegetables need plenty of water to thrive, especially during hot and humid conditions. In times of little rainfall, gardeners will want to water their plants enough to keep them growing.

An adequate amount of water will “wet the soil 5 to 6 inches,” which amounts to one inch of water a week, according to R. Allen Straw, Southwest Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Center horticulturist, in the article, “Irrigating the Home Garden.”

During a dry spell, gardeners will need to be avid about watering the plants since high, humid temperatures can weaken them within a day.

Straw suggests applying “65 to 130 gallons per 100 square feet.” Gardeners can apply this amount weekly unless rainfall provides enough water, which can be determined by checking the local weather service for the daily or weekly precipitation totals. But in times of infrequent rainfall, the crops may need more water.

If less than an inch fell in one week, water the garden and do so weekly in times of low or no rainfall. And gardeners will need to water the garden when a few inches of soil at the top become dry, Straw writes.

Fruits and veggies need about an inch of water a week.
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