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All-America Selections names 2012 plant variety winners

Commercial growers, AAS notes, should contact their seed suppliers about the new varieties.

The Cayennetta F1 produces mild pepper, reaching three-to-four inches, sometimes larger, in length, according to the product description. AAS says Cayennetta will work well for container gardeners since the plant doesn’t need staking.

Among other characteristics, Cayennetta tolerates “extreme heat” and cold, and the pepper plant offers good yields, AAS notes.

An early-maturing watermelon having slender stripes and yellow skin, Faerie F1 produces a seven-inch fruit, weighing four-to-six pounds, with a “pink-red flesh,” as noted in the product description. In addition to its unique appearance, the Faerie F1 plant requires less space since it spreads 11 feet.

“Professional growers will appreciate the disease and insect tolerance as well as the prolific fruit set that starts early and continues throughout the season,” AAS writes.

Other 2012 AAS plant winners include the bedding plant,Salvia “Summer Jewel Pink,” and the flower, Ornamental Pepper “Black Olive.”  

Click here for more information on the latest All-America Selections 2012 winners.

By Bobbie Whitehead

All-America Selections has named its latest winners of “never-before-sold varieties” for 2012, adding two vegetables, a bedding plant and a flower to the list of “superior performing” plants.

The two vegetable winners are the Pepper “Cayennetta F1” bred by Floranova Ltd of the United Kingdom and Watermelon ”Faerie F1” bred by Known-You Seed Company of Taiwan.

Founded in 1932, the AAS organization works with horticulturists to test new plant varieties in “trial gardens” in North America, selecting winners each year.

“Consumers will find these seeds for sale in the coming months as supply becomes available with catalog companies, in seed packets, from mail order companies and various websites,” AAS writes. “AAS Winners will also be available as young plants in lawn and garden retail stores next spring.”

Watermelon Faerie F1 from Known-You Seed of Taiwan and Pepper Cayennetta F1 from Floranova Ltd. of the United Kingdom are 2012 All-America Selections winners (Photos courtesy of All-America Selections).

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