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Blueberry season 2011 has plenty of berries

The 2011 N.C. Blueberry Festival opens in Burgaw

Gardeners can plan pumpkin planting

For 2011, plant an extra row for the needy

Warm spring temps aid okra planting

Garden well with small spaces, high density

Sakata® Seed opens Home Grown division

2011 strawberry season has plenty of berries

Try succession, successive planting methods

Plant asparagus using crowns, plants or seeds

Scotts Miracle-Gro offering garden grants

Try new gardening mobile apps

All-America Selections names another 2011 winner

Begin planting bulb onions

2011 seed catalogs show many new varieties

For your garden, plant veggies you like to eat

Planning the spring garden save time, money

Plant an in-door winter garden

NGB members showcase new 2011 varieties

Project Orange Thumb opens applications

All-America Selections lists 2011 winners

2011 is the “Year of the Tomato”

New pear tomato varieties for 2011

Grow, protect winter cabbage

New 2011 varieties announced in October

Garlic types: Choose hardneck, softneck garlic

Fall’s a good time to plant an apple tree orchard

2010 apple season dry but sweet

Old seed co. Comstock Ferre has new owner

NC 2010 Watermelon Fest draws the crowd

2010 watermelon season dry but sweet

High temps can cause tomato blossom drop

Peach season opens early for 2010

North Carolina Blueberry Festival scheduled

Researchers find another blueberry benefit

A late planting in June works for some growers

May’s a good time to plant jalapenos

Plant carrots in different colors, shapes, sizes

Plant A Row for the Hungry campaigns begin

2010 strawberry season opens with big crop

Try a mesclun mix of lettuce in the garden

Sakata introduces pink cherry tomato

Opt for a new white eggplant variety

Planting onions for the 2010 garden

Asparagus harvests can last 15 years

Find easy veggies to plant from seeds

NGB calls 2010 “Year of the Squash

Gardeners can find new varieties aplenty in 2010

All-America Selection selects “Cajun Belle”

Tomaccio tomato is introduced to U.S. market

Choosing the right tomato variety

Start planning the spring garden

All-America Selections names 2010 winners

Tomaccio tomato is introduced to U.S. market

Choosing the right tomato variety

Start planning the spring garden

Fiskars accpeting garden grant applications

Food pantries need more donations

Save seed to save money on gardening

Plant a winter herb garden

Use row covers to extend fall harvests

Harvest leaf lettuce in the winter

Add spring onions to the garden

It’s time to plant a garlic crop

Planting fall crops: Cabbage, kale, collards

Plant some tasty fall beets

Berries reduce aging effects in lab mice

Windsor market opens with new name, location

Mount Nebo Church plants community garden

Plant a row to help food banks

Franklin’s new market open

Strawberry fields reopen

Promote produce with free recipes

Group needs garden tools, seed donations

Food safety bill not targeting gardens

Add some beets to the veggie garden

Time to plant seed potatoes for early crop

Asparagus-planting demo planned

Gain customers by selling ethnic produce

Newcomers can find helpful garden tips

Suffolk group to plant community gardens

CSAs benefit farmers, customers

Garden centers now have spring supplies

Pest management guides available

Vegetable gardens’ increase to continue

Franklin market under way

Spring onion crop growing well

Markets have $1 a pound items

Pantries need donations for families

Suffolk agent receives state award

Slow week at area markets

Surry agent Glen Slade receives national award

Growers harvesting leaf lettuces

Fresh Cole crops available

Area growers digging sweet potatoes

Baby boos, specialty pumpkins popular

State seeks specialty crop grant applications

USDA study tracks market increases

Now’s a good time to plant garlic, onions

Company sells field-grown transplants

Farmers markets interest on the rise

Cool and dry for fall crops

Honeybees have better year

Tomatoes now ripe

Watermelons have health benefits

Powell greenhouses extend season

Erwin peaches ready for season

More folks canning food

Suffolk City Market expands

Blueberry season opens with new field

Vineyards can thrive in Southeast

Cool May temps slow area harvest times

Area growers have asparagus for 2008

Create a spring pollinator garden

Annual Heirloom Expo for 2015 to open

Japanese beetles strike

Build a “humane” backyard

Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Drought tollerant veggies can take the heat

2015 winter bee report shows decline in bee losses

All-America Selections names additional 2015 winners

Bumblebees take to the city life, study says

2015 seed offerings include plenty of tomatoes

Garden Bureau names 2015 “Year of Sweet Pepper”

National Garden Bureau members add 2015 varieties

Spring 2015 new varieties bringing heirloom flavor

Check out American Garden Award 2015 winner

Carrots grow well in cold frames in winter

Fall garlic bulbs available now

Plant a special fall cabbage garden

Gardeners can create a fall pollinator garden

National Heirloom Exposition for 2014 to open

Planting a mid-summer crop of tomatoes aids bounty

National Garden Bureau starts philanthropic program

All-America Selections offers 2015 veggie preview

Water more when summer temps heat up

Mid-summer brings new garden products

Gardeners can attract beneficial bugs to fight aphids

American Garden Award Poll for 2014 open

Syngenta offers preview of 2015 varieties

Strawberries came in late for 2014

2014 honeybee survey shows fewer losses

Fall flower bulbs available now

NGB members introduce new 2014 products

Gardeners can plant to attract alternative pollinators

Seed tape a popular item for spring planting

Newseed buying tip sheet available

All America Selections names more 2014 winners

Winter germination is possible in some regions

Spring cloches come in different shapes, sizes

NGB names 2014 “Year of the Cucumber”

National Garden Bureau announces new varieties

For 2014 companies have bigger, tastier tomatoes

Seed companies announce new 2014 varieties

AAS names 2014 vegetable winners

AAS adds new regional categories to winners’ list

Market celebrates Apple Day

North Carolina peach growers hold referendum

Garlic seed-buying time has arrived

Third Heirloom Expo to be held

Build a fall vertical garden to aid space

California markets top market directory for 2013

Farmers market drectory listings increase for 2013

North Carolina market holds largest watermelon contest

The 2013 SNA conferences begin

For some, 2013 a wet watermelon season

All-America Selections names 2014 veggie winner

For mid-season tomato crop, root suckers

A June beet planting will produce late summer crop

Peaches have arrived for the 2013 season

2013 blueberry festivities, season kick off

Three Pennsylvania Turnpike centers open farm markets

Gardeners can plan row spacing in spring

Survey shows 2012-2013 winter honeybee losses

2013 strawberry season comes in with cooler temps

Brief honeybee health report released

The Million Tomato Compost Campaign kicks off

Wild honeybees pollinate better, study says

April is “Invasive Pest Month”

Sniffing the soil can aid in determining its health

Bee Informed Partnership survey seeks participants

Gardeners may have the itch to plant too early

Great Sunflower Project exands research in 2013

Fertilizer contest and more free seed deals offered

Some companies offer free seed and fundraisers

Take the Pollinator’s Pledge and plant more flowers

New spring garden products announced for 2013

Botanical Interests adds new varieties for 2013

Chas Hart Seed adds “GE Free” logo

Seed Savers adds new veggies for 2013

Winter’s a good time to sign up for local CSA

Create a 2013 garden resolution

New 2013 veggie varieties introduced

USDA reports winter markets increase

National Garden Bureau members add 2013 varieties

All-America Selections names 2013 winners

NBG names 2013 “Year of the Watermelon”

Fiskars opens 2012 Project Orange Thumb applications

Late October’s a good time to plant garlic

All-America Selections design garden winners named

Pumpkin season for 2012 turns out good

Internet garden web advice still helpful

The National Garden Bureau has garden survey

It’s Wine Appreciation Month in North Carolina

Latest food security report still shows a need

Find fall broccoli transplants for sale

2012 National Heirloom Exposition set

Seed sprouting tips helpful

Sow fall and winter seeds in late summer

Farmers markets on USDA directory increase

2012 Watermelon events begin

Harlequin bugs arrive in gardens

July’s a good time to begin that fall garden

Gardens can survive a heat wave

2012 peach season arrives at markets, orchards

Squash pests are showing up

Blueberry wine has plenty of antioxidants

2012 blueberry festivities begin

Honeybee losses decline in winter 2011-2012

Gardeners needing extra space can use containers

Early blight found on tomato plants early

Use companion planting to aid vegetables

Harvesting rainwater can save on costs

Veggie transplants buyers can follow tips

Farm market promotion grants available

2012 strawberry season comes early

Encourage helpful ladybugs in the garden

Gardeners can attract pollinators by planting flowers

Plant blueberry bushes in early spring

Gardeners get creative with spring row covers

Controlling weeds early aids spring garden

Seeds Banks offer new varieties for 2012

Start seedlings indoors in late winter

Gardeners can find new 2012 potatoes, recipes

Papaya plants can offset tomato white flies

Scotts® offers its 2012 garden grants

USDA unveils new plant hardiness zone map

Gardeners can find new 2012 tomato varieties

Find cheap garden tools, veggie seeds

Track planting with a garden journal

Gardeners will find more 2012 seed catalogs to arrive

USDA reports increase in winter farmers markets

Find plenty of new greens for 2012

All-America Selections announces 2012 winners

National Garden Bureau members show 2012 varieties

Revitalize the winter garden

2012 Project Orange Thumb applications being taken

Protect the fall garden from frost with row covers

NGB names 2012 “Year of the Herbs”

Seed companies have announced 2012 varieties

Add some peppery-tasting arugula to the garden

Gardeners can prepare for a hurricane

Plant some colorful fall beets

Opt for Swiss chard for garden greens

Plant a late summer radish crop for a fall harvest

Murfreesboro’s 2011 watermelon festival opens

Fall garden planning begins in the summer

Growers have sweet peaches for 2011