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Some gardeners and growers may use herbicides in their fields or gardens to get rid of unwanted weeds.

However, caution needs to be exercised when applying weed killers, and the directions need to be followed.

Using the wrong herbicide or weed killer can damage your garden and/or field, and likewise, growers and gardeners alike can damage or destroy the crops if the herbicide is used inappropriately or contrary to its instructions.

For example, weed sprays can drift to your garden on windy days, which is why it’s important to check the weather before spraying.

This drift can kill your vegetables as well as other vegetation you might not have intended to eliminate.

(See the picture below to see how drift killed one row of corn plants.) If you’re unsure of what to use or how to use it, contact your local agricultural extension agent to be on the safe side.

You can also sign up for pesticide safety classes if your extension office offers them.

Spraying too close to the rows can kill vegetable plants.

Use caution when applying herbicides near garden and plants

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