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 If you’re having trouble getting your fruit and vegetable plants to grow well, perhaps you may need to have your soil tested for deficiencies.

The Virginia Cooperative Extension provides this service through the Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory for a small fee.

Growers in state and out of state can have several soil tests performed such as 1) a  routine test that checks the soil pH and the levels of 10 other elements, 2) an organic matter test and 3) a soluble salts test.

Your extension agent will provide you with a small box to place your soil in as well as an application that includes the instructions for extracting the soil, where to mail your sample and how much your specific test will cost.

For example, the routine soil test costs $7 for in-state residents and $10.50 for out-of-state residents. For other states, be sure to check with the local extension agent in your area for details.

If plant growth problems persist, test your soil for deficiencies

Pick up a soil sample test application and sample box at your local Virginia Extension office.
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